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craft escapes

escaping to craft for the weekend in comfortable spacious surroundings.  sounds like heaven, right?

our crop weekends are a perfect blend of fun, relaxation and affordability. our flexible approach means that you can tailor your weekend to suit you and your budget.

relaxing crop weekends

enjoy a truly relaxed weekend where you choose what to do and when. you'll enjoy a large craft space with room to roam. access to break out and quiet areas. join in the fun or do your own thing it's up to you! 

choice is important so you can tailor

your weekend to suit you and your budget

you can choose to stay at the venue, or travel to save money

on accommodation

we offer a choice of class kits for those who like to follow a class

enjoy a little retail therapy at a well-stocked craft shop

including our own Bramble Fox shop

Paper Fox Sticker.png

Paper Fox Events

here at Bramble Fox, our desire to connect with customers and share our passion for scrapbooking has naturally led us to create Paper Fox Events


we host flexible, affordable crop weekends for paper crafters. our flexible approach means that our crop weekends can be adapted to suit you and your budget

for us, escaping to craft in a relaxing environment is the definitely the best way to unwind and enjoy the company of others

to find out more about Paper Fox and our events, please fisit our dedicated web site

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