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100% Awesome Scrapbook Layout

Have you seen the May project perspextives? They are fantastic for all those boy photos you are wondering how to scrap.I have used the 100 Percent collection and a few of the Tool Box/ Cog perspextives. I have also used Fox Dies #22 Office Elements and #20 Film Strip borders. My son Louis qualified as a Carpenter a couple of years ago and I have been wanting to document his work, these perspextives were just what I needed!

I decided to create a large saw and then add photos along it which would give me space for multiple photos. Having done this I was then able to embellish quite easily around it with the perspextives and dies. I added the photo die cut and tab to the tops of two of the photos and added a few of the cog perspextives around them.

The ideal spot for 100 % was across the photos so I placed it along the upper saw edge just overlapping two of the photos.

Underneath the main part of the layout I created a couple of clusters using the tools and cogs again to add some more dimension to the layout.

Across the top of the layout I added some torn paper strips and then added the 100% Awesome as another title and some more little cogs perspextives along with some other embellishments. I felt the long Film Strip borders Die also added to the layout so cut one in a contrasting colour and added it over the striped top paper.

I was really pleased with how this layout turned out as I really wanted to document Louis' work. Theyr're not your average photos and I feel all the embellishments have really brought them alive!

I hope you will feel inspired by this and maybe use your perspextives for a DIY layout!

Till next time ... Happy Scrapping!


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