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Hi lovely community!!

This month Challenge is about creating a layout following a fabulous sketch. When following a sketch I always try to change it a little just to give it a personal touch and make it unique ;)

As you can see I changed the position of the 3 central photos placing 1 photo in the middle and then one frame and one TAG below it to add more prominence to the main photo.

I want to do a supercolorful page as I want to use the cute "So cool" perspextive, it has a very attractive blue color that add the perfect "WOW effect" to the rest of the page!

This pretty perspextive goes with three smart sunglasses, I also used two of them in the page because they fit perfectly in color and subject.

I reorganized the original clusters placing them around my photo and then added a lot of hearts here and there as february is the month of LOVE

And that's it!!

Hope it inspires you in someway to participate in this month challenge!!




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