Hi friend. To all our lovely customers across the EU. Sadly there are changes to EU laws coming into effect from 1st July which mean I can no longer ship to the EU for the time being.

Essentially, EU customers will need to pay VAT at the time of purchase. It means that our systems would need to integrate with the EU customs systems for payment of the VAT. At this point in time, my platform does not support this integration and therefore I cannot comply.

I will look to alternative methods and if necessary, move to another platform in future. So for the time being, we will have to suspend supply to our EU customers. Rest assured that we will work in the background to resinstate the region as soon as we can.

Last Orders

If you would like to stock up before the cut off, please place your order by 24th June. We will despatch those orders as soon as possible to beat the deadline.

It is with great sadness to say adieu to such lovely customers and friends. Thank you so much for your loyalty and custom over the years. I hope you'll continue to follow our team on social media and may be you can use up some of your lovely stash!

Take care.