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Lil' Book of Festive Recipes

Hello, Foxy Friends, it's Antonia here today, talking you through our December challenge details!

I wanted this month's challenge to be a bit different from what is to be expected, as well as challenging, but at the same time flexible, to avoid putting pressure on anyone - because let's face it, it's not only the most wonderful, but also the busiest and most stressful time of the year, for many of us!

So I came up with the idea of a challenge that is open for interpretation and is gradable - so you can all decide for yourselves just how far you want to push your crafty boundaries...

I made a little recipe book, using the Bramblefox Gingerbread House cut-file. For many of you this might seem like just another day at the craft table, for me, it was a pretty big deal, because it's something I very rarely start and practically never finish...

But how you interpret this challenge is completely up to you - it can be as difficult or as uncomplicated as you want it to be.

But we ask you that you add a little note when you upload your photo to the challenge album, explaining what you did differently.

Here are a few ideas of how to interpret this challenge:

If you always use patterned paper for your background, and never tried to scrapbook on a white card stock - now's the time!

If you always scrapbook on cardstock, you might want to try using patterned paper for your background.

You could try a new texture on your layout - vellum, glitter paper, fibrous materials (fabric, ribbon, yarn), plastic, wood or metal embellishments

You could go for a colour you don't usually go for, or use non-traditional colours on a Christmas layout, if that's not normally your thing.

You could use journaling, if you don't normally - and if you always do, try to go without (I find this quite challenging).

If you always use the same size and orientation photo - mix it up!

If you are a literal thinker, like me, and you always match your photos and embellishments in theme - go crazy and use items completely unrelated - like woodland animals in Santa hats to embellish your staying-in-and-watching-movies photos, or palm trees and pineapples when documenting the English summer.

You can do anything and everything, as long as it's not normally your thing.

But please remember to use a Bramblefox product on your layout, and don't forget to add a little note explaining your rationale when you add the photo to the challenge album.

You can find a short video here, showing you some close-ups of my mini-book and talking you through some more ideas.

I hope you find this challenge inspiring.

Have a holly jolly festive season!




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