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Organising Your Craft Stash - Smart Storage Solutions for Your Scrapbooking Essentials

Scrapbooking is a creative and fulfilling hobby that allows us to capture cherished memories and express our artistic flair. However, with an abundance of embellishments, tools, and papers, keeping your scrapbooking supplies organised can be a challenge. A clutter-free and well-organised space not only saves time but also sparks inspiration. In this blog, we'll explore some ingenious storage solutions to keep your scrapbooking embellishments, tools, and papers in perfect order, making your crafting sessions a breeze.

The Versatility of Clear Plastic Containers

Clear plastic containers with dividers are invaluable for organising small embellishments like buttons, brads, and gems. Invest in various sizes to suit different types of embellishments. These containers not only keep everything in view but also prevent items from getting mixed up.

storage containers for crafters

Drawer Dividers for Tools

Designate a drawer or cabinet specifically for your scrapbooking tools. Utilise drawer dividers to separate items like scissors, adhesives, pens, and stamps. This way, you can easily find what you need without rummaging through a jumbled mess.

Stencil Book Holder

Using a handy A5 book is perfect to hold stencils, stickers and paper snips. Each see-through page enables you to flip through your stencils to find exactly what you're looking for!

storage for stencils for crafters

Rolling Carts for Portability

Invest in a rolling cart with multiple tiers for easy accessibility and portability. Use the cart to store larger items like paper pads, albums, cutting machines, and bulkier embellishments. This allows you to move your supplies to any crafting space, making it convenient to work on projects wherever inspiration strikes.

Wall-Mounted Organisers for Papers

Keep your scrapbooking papers tidy and easily accessible by using wall-mounted organisers. These racks typically have multiple slots where you can sort and display your paper pads according to color, theme, or brand. This solution also frees up valuable workspace and reduces the risk of papers getting bent or damaged.

Shoe Organisers for Small Items

Repurpose clear over-the-door shoe organisers to store your scrapbooking supplies. These organisers have multiple pockets perfect for storing pens, markers, ribbons, washi tapes, and other small items. Hang the shoe organiser on the back of a door or inside a closet to maximise space.

Wire Baskets for Embellishments

Wire baskets offer a stylish and practical solution for storing larger embellishments, such as chipboard elements, die cuts, and stickers. Sort your embellishments by theme or colour and label the baskets for easy identification.

Magazine Holders for Scrapbooking Magazines

If you have a collection of scrapbooking magazines, use magazine holders to keep them organised and within reach. You can also store inspiration books or idea catalogues in these holders for quick reference during your crafting sessions.

Binder Systems for Clear Stamps and Dies

Store your clear stamps and metal dies in binder systems with clear pockets. These binders are ideal for keeping your stamps and dies visible, organised, and protected from dust and damage. Use tab dividers to categorise your stamps by theme or occasion.

Repurpose Mason Jars or Plant Pots

Mason jars are not just for food, they also make excellent storage containers for tall items like brushes, pens, and markers. Paint the lids with chalkboard paint and label them to easily identify the contents of each jar. Plant pots and fancy bowls can be great for storing your paint brushes.

pots for storing paint brushes

Customised Pegboards

Create a customised pegboard above your crafting area to hang frequently used tools, rulers, and cutting mats. Attach small baskets or hooks to the pegboard to hold scissors, adhesives, and other essentials. A pegboard allows you to keep everything within arm's reach while maintaining an organised and visually appealing display.

Effective storage solutions are key to maintaining an orderly and inspiring scrapbooking space. By investing in the right containers, organisers, and creative displays, you can keep your embellishments, tools, and papers easily accessible and in top-notch condition. A clutter-free and organised crafting area will not only streamline your creative process but also ignite your imagination as you embark on your next scrapbooking journey. So, let the organisation begin, and happy crafting!


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