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Beware of the WildLife!!! | Julie Taylor

Hello Foxy friends

Can you believe it's September & we're starting to get some colder days & the trees are starting to turn!!

I'm loving the October Fox Box in the fab colours of sage green, mustard & a matt red.

While looking for a photo I came along these photos, selfies, taken by my daughter, that I thought would be just perfect for the WildLife title as she had a leopard print onsie on.

I added some inks to my white cardstock & a bit of background stamping.

I then made up my large vertical cluster using curled paper, tickets, a straw, fabric zip, etc & added it, along with my photo strip, in the centre of the page.

I added my title to the left of the photos & stitched a semi circle around it & add 'beware of the' onto that.

I finished the layout by adding a few hand drawn circles using Fox Cut stencil #8 as a guide & a couple of the paper snips from #011.

Thanks for joining me today,

Until next time,


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