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Scrapbook Layout - Using November Fox Box | Julie Taylor

I started my scrapbook layout by adding a bit of MM through stencil #79 which come with the Fox Box Plus. I just love this stencil as it's so easy to just add a few of those diamonds & circles. I added a few splatters over the top of the stencilling.

I recently brought myself a new re-usable coffee cup, trying to do my bit to save the planet, & didn't realise, until I used it, that it turned PINK when hot!!!! How fab is that!!! Well that needed documenting!!!

I then built up 2 clusters, top left & bottom right coming into the page. My top cluster has patterned paper, straw, trim, a tag & the Everyday Stories perspextive & the bottom cluster had the photo, more tags, wood piece & the Little Treat & mug perspextives.

I even added my order to the mix to remind me what I had!! & included the 3 little books as I loved the words on them.

What will you be documenting with your November Fox Box Plus? Please share what you do over on our Facebook page, we love to see.

Until next time,