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Meet the Bramble Fox Design Team and Challenge Team Part One

Meet the Creative Minds - Unveiling the Faces Behind Bramble Fox Designs

In the spirit of fostering a closer connection within our community, we're thrilled to kick off a bi-weekly journey of introduction. Get ready to dive into the personalities and creativity of the talented individuals who form the heart of the Bramble Fox Design Team and Challenge Team!

Every other week, we'll be shining a spotlight on a different team members.

Here is our first feature, and let's embark on this journey together! 🌈✂️ #MeetTheTeam #BrambleFoxDesigners #CraftingCommunity

Heather Guy

Heather lives in Indiana in the USA and is on the challenge team! She has been married for 22 years and has four boys, that includes our triplets! She says it’s total chaos at our most of the time between the kids, 3 dogs and 2 cats - all the subjects of her scrappy projects! Heather works in Human Resources but her real passion is playing with paper! If not scrapping, you will find her travelling and playing competitive cornhole with her family, baking, reading or chatting with amazing friends that paper and glue have brought into her life!

Kirei Baldwin

Kirei lives in the UK with her husband. From the age of 6 she lived in Bahrain for 4 years then my family moved to Australia where she grew up. Then came back to the UK 25 years ago for 6 months to do the usual thing and work... and never left! Kirei was with the Disney Store for 23 years, starting out as a Store Manager in London then ended up managing European Store Operations in their Head Office.

She was made redundant in 2021 so is semi-retired. She keeps herself busy running scrapbook retreats and weekend workshops. Also volunteers at the local Hospice charity shop. She loves to scrapbook, it's her chill out and 'me' time... and like many started off cardmaking before moving into scrapbooking over 17 years ago. Her fave thing about it is the wonderful friends I have made and documenting the memories no matter how small! She loves reading, the cinema, watching cheesy reality shows when she scrapbooks.

Melanie Cook Hyatt

Melanie lives in the US, in South Louisiana but originally from south east Texas. She works nights as a Hospice Triage RN! She has been married for 26 years, has two girls and the most precious grandson and 2 very big and spoiled dogs that are rescues.

Depending on the weather, you will either find Melanie in her garden growing flowers & veggies, or in her scraproom watching Hallmark movies & playing with paper! Melanie started scrapping in 2002, it is more than paper & glue, it is what keeps her happy and sane (most days)! She also runs a scrapbooking event called Crop Don't Stop it's a 4 day (24/7) crop in Baton Rouge.

fun scrapbook layout

Julie Taylor

Julie has been on the design team since day one. She lives in the centre of England with her hubby & 2 grown up daughters. She has a fur baby pooch, a tortoise & a pigmy hedgehog (pet sitting for her daughter). She is a hairdresser, by day, a job which she loves as she gets to meet a vast array of interesting people.

Julie has been scrapbooking for around 18 years having tried her hands at many crafts before but this one stuck. She loves that it holds the memories but also gives her ‘ME’ time to just chill. She's made so many good friends, through scrapbooking and loves the community in this hobby. She loves are the cinema & theatre and would go every day if she could!

Ann Freeman

Ann is from London and is on the challenge team. 20+ years married with 3 kids, 3 cats and 3 chickens. She works in Finance for the NHS with almost all of her career having been in public sector. She scraps the everyday and post way too frequently on her Instagram account (in her opinion but we love her layouts) which she uses as a visual diary for the good the bad and the ugly.

She also has met some of her dearest friends through this incredible hobby and loves sharing the creative experience with others. Ann is a massive bookworm with a diverse taste in books from phycological thrillers to romantisy. She loves visiting new places and already have a healthy exploration schedule for 2024!

Wendy Meffan

Wendy is from South London/ Surrey. Married with three grown up children ( 2 boys and a pink thing!) She runs a Physiotherapy Practice from home but work more part time now. She loves tennis , travelling, flamingos, sunshine and snow! Wendy has been scrapbooking for about 15 years now and has made the most amazing friendships along the way. She enjoys documenting her life and it’s so great to use all the Bramble Fox products which she just loves. Also enjoys watercolour, pen and ink drawing and the decorating side of baking!

We hope you've relished this glimpse into some the brilliant minds and artistic souls that form the backbone of the Bramble Fox Design Team and Challenge Team.

As we continue this series, we're excited to introduce even more talented individuals who contribute their unique flair to our crafting community. Stay tuned for more creative inspiration.


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