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Use a stencil for a "Younique" background | Petra Kortekaas

The March Fox Box is truly Younique as one of the titles already claims. A beautiful light blue and I love the way it's set on two lines. The stencil that comes in the Fox Box Plus subscription is truly a stunner and you can create an easy soft mixed media background with it!

I totally fell in love with the Younique title. I love that soft blue and really love the fact that it's placed on two lines. I started with layering all the different elements of my "center piece". I often create my entire paper piece first and then create the mixed media on my cardstock. So, I glued together all those bits and pieces (I used the Simple Stories: Simple life in bloom collection).

Since I chose to use black and blue I wanted a pop of really black. I decided to use my favourite die, the film stip die. I cut it out ones and cut that in half... In the Fox Box Plus box there is always a sheet of paper snips. Those who know me, know I ADORE paper snips!! You can always incorporate them in your work. I used the totally cool words and that flair with treasured memories. The flairs always give that little bit of extra texture on your page!

After glueing all the bits together I marked the spot on my piece of cardstock where I was planning to place it. Then you can easily create your background without constant checking if you're inking in the right spot.

The stencil is so delicate and pretty! I simply used 3 different Distress Oxides to match the colours of the layout. Then I finished it all of with some thread.

I hope you like it and got some inspiration out of it. Thanks so much for stopping by!




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