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Cherish the little things | Sarah Wyles

Hello everyone!! This year I gave myself the freedom to try new things and I thought I would really give myself a go at pocket scrapbooking. I have done it before, but usually only for holidays. But I like the way it looks and it seems easy to get into, so I thought I would try.

I had done a layout in the past with leftovers from a kit I had from Clique kits and just realized I had actually called it the wrong name lol. These papers are from the Keepin it real kit and I had to use them again because I love purple and they go amazingly with May Foxbox pieces!

I have to be honest, I didn't quite know how I was going to set this up, I knew the pieces I wanted to use and the photos. So I started playing. I started on the right side with the 2 4x6 slips and made my title card. This may not be how others do it, but I am learning. I wanted to keep it light and airy, but realized when I had finished with my right side, that I had added quite a

After layering the papers on my title card and adding the little bits and bobs, I added the beautiful Cherish the little things Perspextive and loved it. Then moved to my lower card.

I had two little instax photos of my girls playing on their beds and wanted to use those. They may not be the best but they show the goofy, sweet little girls I have. I continued with some of the same paper from the top card and a few little word stickers and the purple heart perspextives. At this point I had two other pictures I wanted to use so I moved over to the left side, on the new page.

I decided to add the two pictures and have a few filler cards. I didn't want a lot attached to this page so I added some patterned paper and then placed a grey frame down from Aprils foxbox, slid a floral ephemera in there and popped on that cute always perspextive and left it at that. I did pretty much the same thing to the one diagonal from it, but i turned the fame the opposite way and added the best perspextive.

I added my photos opposite of eachother and added a label sticker to one, with a little word sticker and added a word sticker to the top one too. A placed a few little enamel dots around and called it done.

I am hoping to get better at this and I hope you come along for the ride.

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