Lucky Subscribers

Hi Fox friends! Subscribers of the Fox Box receive an exclusive design free each quarter. They are a thank you from us to you for being a loyal subscriber. But what do you do with yours?

The 6th gift is awesome and perfect for a layout about crafting.

Julie Taylor and I have created Crafty Vixens - holding lovely crafty workshops in the West Midlands. When we are together we always have fun and when we teach, we know how to help each other to get the most out of a class. Our styles differ greatly - Julie is definitely the queen of mixed media whilst I favour papers and layers. We both love detail though!

I am currently on a mission to use up stuff. I have a lot of stuff so it needs to be used. I started off with a little ink and stamping to create a base to load all my stuff on! This gives the design a bit of depth.

The Eat. Sleep. Craft. Repeat. design comes with a cute pair of scissors. I've dangled these from a frame for a change. The Crafty People are totally adorable. They're actually hot pink but my phone gets completely confuse