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STENCIL POWER | Getting more from your stencils

Stencils are a fantastic tool. They can add detail, dimension and so much more to your scrapbook layouts. During our live craft session on Marvellous Monday, I played with stencils and inks using different techniques.

I love a stencil - they are so versatile and you have them forever making them great value for money. Did you know you can print with your stencils too? Those that have thin designs work best as they do not hold as much ink, but you can definitely experiment with them.

Pic 1 - Blending ink through the stencil in the normal manner to give a nice vibrant background. I dropped water onto the stencilling to lift of some of the colour - you get those nice little pools of lighter colour.

Pic 2 - Rather than cleaning the stencil, I spritzed water over and laid this onto the background giving a light print.

Pic 3 - I laid ink onto a messy mat and spritzed with water. I pulled the stencil through to pick up the ink before printing. A much more vibrant outcome but I had less control.

Pic 4 - I printed again without reloading the ink.

Pic 5 - I used the technique in Pic 2 and printed onto a stencilled background.

(Click on the images to enlarge and see more detail).

Using a Stencil as a Mask

I used stencil #61 which has large circles to create a mask - to block off an area. I then layered Stencil #50 over the top and blended ink through both stencils. A little low tack tape helps to keep the stencils in place. I love how you get a patterned circle effect.

Lifting Ink

Using the same circle stencil, I blended ink through but rather than stencil over as above, I wet stencil #92 with water and laid it on top. After lifting the stencil I used a paper towel to lift some of the ink giving a totally different effect.

So how does this apply to a scrapbook layout?

I used stencils to create a beautiful, interesting background. Traditional stencilled brickwork (#49) on the right and used the direct printing technique to give lovely swirly, messy print on the left using stencil #92. A second generation print over the brickwork is just light enough not to be too busy.

I love the effect of the swirly printing which would be really hard to achieve in any other manner.

I also outlined the brickwork with a grey fineline pen to pick up the detail.

I ensured that the edges are softer and lighter so there are no hard edges.

You can rewatch the Live craft along where I cover these techniques on our YouTube Channel:

Don't forget to join us on Mondays on Bramble Fox Friends to watch more tips and inspiration from myself and the team. I can't wait to see what you create!


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