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A December Tradition | Julie Taylor

Hi Foxy friends, I can't believe it's November already & rushing towards Christmas!! I love Christmas but never seem to have enough time & always way too much to do, so having festive perspextives in the shop is a godsend as Christmas scrapping can be done now & helps to get us in the mood.

We have a few Christmas traditions but one of them is that the girls always get new pyjamas on Christmas Eve (ready for Santa!) & even though they are now in their 20's they still want to continue with this tradition, which I'm more than happy to go along with.

I started this page by going old school... with a bit of iris folding!! I learnt this back in my card making days but it was always strange & weird designs so I decided to make my own. I cut a large Christmas tree shape, on the right side of my page & layered folded, embossed different green papers behind, layering them up to fill in the whole shape.

I sewed some messy stitching around the shape & added some small Christmas lights, which are a Christmas trimming item, & the gorgeous festive lights out the shop.

I then made a photo matt & added my photo to the bottom left with the December Tradition perspextives at the top of the photo.

Thanks for joining me today & I hope you manage a bit of Christmas scrapping,

until next time, happy scrapping

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