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Adding Some Extra Pizzazz

We all know that the Perspextives are perfect as is, but sometimes you want that little bit of extra to add some depth and a pop of fun to your elements. Raechelle here sharing a fun trick to do just that.

The base for this layout is pretty simple. A diagonal strip of patterned paper along the top, and two tear strips along the bottom. Die cuts and several fussy cut flowers create the bulk of the page and add fun and movement to this sweet photo of my grand-daughter.

I wanted the pale pink 'Love Actually' Perspextive to be the star of the show, so I added a tiny pink heart fussy cut from patterned paper to add a pop of color to help draw the eye in.

Once I completes this, I stepped back and felt that my page was a little too flat and well, boring, so I started looking through my stash and came across some rubons. After I applied the rubons around the photo and onto the large gold heart, I wondered if they would adhere to the fun little heart Perspextives included in the February Fox Box as they seemed to just be floating around the page and not quite grounded.

Rubons can be a bit fussy, but to my great joy they worked wonderfully without any trouble!

Once each heart had been dressed up I stepped back and knew that this had been the perfect way to bring each of the delightful perspextives into the layout without overdoing anything.

The next time you are looking for a way to add some fun and extra pizzazz to your project, try adding some rubons to your perspextives.