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Because … life is good!

Hi ladies Cristina here today to share with you a new page I create using one of the best item I love the most. "Life is good" perspextive is part of the may fox box kit and it's really a versatile title to every kind of layout or mini album.

First I create a dirty background to catch much more attention and I chose a very thick pink acrylic paint to create the basic texture on which I dropped drops of the same acrylic paint diluted with water alternating with others of white chalk. The dirty effect I was looking for was exactly that and I think it makes the writing stand out.

I wanted to create a line above the color stain using strips of paper to draw a kind of direction that from an undefined point led to the photo.

To get much more decoration to my composition I stitched each strips with my stitch machine using a pink colour thread.

No other embellishments it needs because the background is already full of colour and I decided adding some enamel dots and a tag for my journaling.

I hope you will love this project and decide to get inspiration to realize the same page or something different using one of these beautiful embellishments to have a very best title.

See you.