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Tips and Hints to take your Scrapbook layouts to the next level with Embellishments

Embellishments are the magical touch that can transform your scrapbook layouts from ordinary to extraordinary. They add personality, texture, and visual interest, making your pages truly unique. If you're looking for some fresh and creative ideas to embellish your layouts, we've got you covered.

Check out these inspiring options:

travel scrapbook layout with mixed media

Unconventional Textures

Think beyond traditional materials and explore unconventional textures to add depth and intrigue to your layouts. Experiment with fabric scraps, ribbons, lace, or even dried glue, applying them strategically to create tactile elements that draw the eye.

Found Objects

Incorporating found objects is a fantastic way to add character and a touch of nostalgia to your layouts. Consider using newspaper clippings, magazine cutouts, pressed flowers, leaves, or other small trinkets that reflect the theme or evoke memories related to your project.

paper layering on scrapbook layouts

Paper Layering

Create dimension and visual interest by layering different papers on your layout. Play with various patterns, textures, and colours to achieve a dynamic composition. Experiment with tearing, folding, or curling the edges of the papers for an added touch of creativity.

Torn Paper Delight

Add a casual and artsy vibe to your layouts by tearing paper instead of cutting it. This technique creates organic and imperfect edges, giving your pages a more relaxed and whimsical feel. Experiment with tearing different papers and layering them for added visual interest.

Scraps Revival

Don't discard those paper scraps! Instead, repurpose them to create stunning embellishments. Cut them into interesting shapes, such as banners, tags, or borders. You can also use them to layer behind photos, journaling blocks, or other elements to add pops of colour and texture.

Embossing Magic

Achieve an elegant and professional look by incorporating embossing techniques into your layouts. With a heat gun, embossing powder, and stamps, you can create beautiful raised designs and patterns on your paper. It's a simple yet effective way to add sophistication and texture to your projects.

scrapooking with Bramble Fox perspextives


Of course the best way to bring a page to life is to add Bramble Fox titles or mini decorating pieces. You can match the perspextives to your photo or papers or go for a complete contrast to make the page really pop.

Button Bonanza

Raid your button box for hidden treasures. Buttons, especially vintage or unique ones, make delightful and affordable embellishments. Glue them directly onto your layouts or use thread to attach them for an extra touch of charm.

scrapbooking using distress
Ink It Up

Invest in a variety of inkpads as they are versatile tools for adding colour, texture, and depth to your layouts. Use them for stamping images, creating backgrounds, or highlighting torn edges. Inking the edges of torn paper not only adds colour but also enhances the texture and creates a cohesive look.

Play with Translucency

Explore the beauty of translucent or transparent papers like vellum. These delicate materials add a touch of elegance without overpowering your design. Use them as overlays, create pockets for hidden journaling or photos, or layer them for a soft and dreamy effect.

DIY Textured Wonders

Create your own textured paper by crumpling cardstock and giving it a distressed look. Dampen the paper, crumple it, and then flatten it using a towel to absorb the moisture. Once dried, you'll have beautifully textured paper ready to be incorporated into your layouts.

Envelopes for Surprises

Incorporate envelopes into your layouts to add functional and interactive elements. Create pockets for journaling cards, small photos, or even decorative tags. Envelopes offer a fun and practical way to include additional information or hidden surprises within your pages.

Simplicity Shines

When it comes to patterns, remember that less is often more. Opt for simple and eye-catching patterns like stripes, dots, or chevrons. These clean designs provide a visually pleasing backdrop that allows your photos and other elements to take centre stage. Reserve intricate or complex patterns for specific focal points to avoid overwhelming the overall composition.

With these embellishment ideas in your creative arsenal, you can take your scrapbook layouts to new heights of visual splendour. Let your imagination run wild and have fun experimenting with different textures, techniques, and materials to create one-of-a-kind pages that truly reflect your personal style. Happy crafting!


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