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Be our Guest | Wendy Gay

Hey there. Julie and I met lovely Wendy Gay at a recent retreat and we were so impressed by her crafty skills and artwork that we asked her to create some layouts for us. We are thrilled to have her join us this month.

My family and I had a fantastic holiday in France a couple of years ago, which included a whistle stop tour of Paris on one of the days. So when I saw the bold Paris perspectives - I had the perfect photo of my daughter and her husband in mind.

Once I’d added some effects to the photo, I used the Fox Cut #4 stencil with inks and a fine liner to create a loose Eiffel Tower shape on the background then added hand stitching to give a bit of definition.

I set out to make a black and white layout then changed my mind (which I frequently do!) so I added some fossilised amber oxide ink to give it a bit of zing. I love how the sharp lines of the Eiffel Tower perspective are perfect against the more “messy” feel to the rest of the layout.

I then had to raid my boxes of stash that I’ve accumulated over years and years for anything remotely mustard-coloured. I never throw anything away because someday it might come in handy. After all if I had tidied up and thrown bits away, then I wouldn’t have had the perfect little butterflies and gems for this page! So my advice is don’t tidy up or throw things out just buy more boxes to stash the stash!

Have a fun day. Wendy x

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