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Good Vibes & Sunshine || aka Friday Night Lights || Kathy McElfresh

Here in the South it's still Daylight Savings Time and when football games start at 7pm there's still a whole lot of sunshine left in the day! So our "Friday Night Lights" start with that big huge light in the sky til after the first quarter or so. The game had already started when I took the photo and those of us in the home side stands were wearing hats and sunglasses and shading our eyes to see the plays! And our boys were looking great....

It was that optimism that gave me the idea for this awesome title piece from the August Fox Box. I loved the bright hot pink color and that's what led me to my Vicki Boutin Color Study scraps for papers to make my "sun rays" from. And I just love bright colors set off by a black background. Don't you love how the distressed edges show up contrasted to the black? To add even more brightness and a bit of sparkle, I layered a mirrored "asterisk" piece from an older New Year's set to the already shiny title piece.

My second title piece, also from the August Fox Box, was a natural given the sunny photo! To bring out the luminous yellow of the piece I backed it with one of the papers, fussycut around it and distressed the edges to add some interest and dimension. I popped it up on foam so I could overlap the photo which was backed with foam so it could clear the sunrays. Again, I layered a mirrored "asterisk" to add sparkle to this element.

I added two more "asterisks" from an older birthday-themed set for more sparkle in the composition. Since the colors and patterns were so vibrant and I wanted a lot of focus on the two title pieces, I've kept my embellishments to a minimum, opting for a bit of sparkle here and there.

One of my very favorite parts of the page is this gorgeous bright lime green tab that was the perfect spot for my subtitle. I printed the word strip with the photo on a high-quality matte photo paper which distresses so beautifully. I just LOVE the Tabs & Bookplates set that comes in three colorways and, trust me, you'll want them all! There's a cool set in teal and bright lime, a warm set in hot pink and orange and a monotone black and white set.

I finished off my page with a rainbow sunshine repeating all the colors in thee papers and the photo -- and I managed to sneak in a tiny banner in the school's colors of blue and white. This was such a fun challenge -- I love the dynamic and optimistic feel of sunburst/starburst designs and this one was delightfully different from most of the strictly symmetrical designs.

So now it's your turn! Just head over to our Facebook Page and upload your version of our September Challenge Sketch to be eligible for this awesome prize!


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