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Love this life | Sarah Wyles

Good morning everyone! I have all my Bramble Fox goodies and I have to say I loved this perspextive that says Love this life. It a mat black and I just love it! I had recently been outside with my littles playing with chalk, messy hair and all,lol. Snapped a few photos. Yes, I played with the chalk too, but then retired to the hammock to read and watch them. It's so awesome to watch their creativity and how they enjoy what they are doing. So of course I had to scrap it.

I pulled out the new Southern Charm collection by Kelly Bangs, it has such bright, beautiful colors, that I thought it would be perfect and I think I was right.

There was a cut apart sheet with, to me looked like bandanas, in so many colors so I thought I would cut them down to be the same size of my photos and add them down the middle of my layout in a rainbow and add little things to go with each square.

I worked my way through the whole collection, picking out little pieces that went with all the squares and added them around them. Tucking pieces in here and there. I had decided on the placement of my photos, so I tucked a few things behind those as well and then added some splatters of black paint.

I finished off my layout by adding my title, the Love this life perspextive above my photos and gluing down my bit of journaling and called this layout done.


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