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Ultimate Craft Havens - Bramble Fox Design Team Craft Spaces

Crafting is more than just a hobby; it's a world of imagination, creativity, and artistic expression. For our passionate designers, a dedicated craft room is not just a space, but a haven where ideas come to life. Next week we will be sharing tips and ideas for creating your very own 'Craft Room Heaven' . But first we thought we would share some of the crafty spaces from the Bramble Fox Design and Challenge Teams.


Gorgeous Craft Room in Louisiana - Melanie Hyatt

Melanie joined the Bramble Fox Design team back in 2022. She is a fantastic Brand Ambassador and you can see her on Bramble Fox Friends Facebook Group most Monday evenings showing us how to put a layout together or teaching us techniques. Melanie has functional, family and vintage trinkets all mixed in her space. Her favorite thing in is her very large antique drop leaf table, it was gifted to her from one of her dearest friends, K.C. Ross.

Creative Crafting Space in Somerset - Vicki Parker

Vicki has been part of the Bramble Fox family since the beginning and you wil have seen her on various Design Teams including Simple Stories, she is that good. She likes a clean working area and you will notice she has those popular Kallax units that pretty much every crafter has in their room. Vicki has been scrapbooking for over 17 years and her favourite thing in her room (beside her best friend Buster the Dog who feautures in many of her layouts) is her colourful 'Create' sign and her rug.

If you would like a video tour of Vicki's Craft room you can watch a video here.

Creative Heaven in Colorado - Miss Carrie

Well if you haven't heard of Miss Carrie then you must be very new to the Crafting World. She is an Entrepenuer and well established in anything Scrapbooking or Card Making related.

Miss Carries favourite item in her space is the custom desk her husband built and she is a huge fan of all the thrift store finds. Her husband and Miss Carrie spent days placing tape on the floor of the office and laid out storage pieces so that he knew exactly what she wanted. He spent weeks painting, staining, and assembled it with their sons. He even built a shelf and dog bed to match. What a cool guy!

UK and European Crafty Space - Niki Rowland

So Niki Rowland who is also 'Scrapbooking Royalty' is lucky enough to not only have a beautiful craft room in the south of the UK but also in Lanzarote. She has her own Scrapbooking business and is on many design teams so even when she is away she is always creating.

Getting Crafty in Hatfield - Kirei Baldwin

For those that haven't seen Kirei's amazing layouts on Social Media you are missing a real treat. You can find her on other Design Teams and also runs her own crafting business too. Kirei is from Australia and worked at Disney for many years, which explains why she is so lovely and nice to be around.

Kirei came back to the UK in 1997 (her family had emigrated to Oz from the UK when she was 10). Her craft desk is her happy place.... firstly because Kirei just loves sitting down and having all her crafty tools and bits within easy reach, and secondly because she has lots of lovely little treasures that she has collected or been given over the years that are displayed around her.. they make Kirei smile. She started off cardmaking, then went to a scrapbook retreat around 15 years ago and the rest is history!

Craft Room Paradise in Maryland - Debbi Tehrani

Last but not least is the lovely Debbi's 'Scrap Room '. She started scrapping on her dining room table with a very small stash and it has now grown to an entire basement of gorgeousness. You can read Debbi's about her crafty space here.

Debbi started scrapbooking in the year 2000. Her favourite thing is her paper carts because it’s easy to go through her paper and find just what she needs. She also loves all those little drawers that hold all her bits and bobs

Keep your eye on our blog for more of our Design Team Craft rooms and ideas on how to create your own.


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