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Remember today Wk14 PL | Sarah Wyles

Good morning everyone!! I hope you had a great weekend. I have something a little new for me, to share with you today. A project life spread or pocket scrapbooking.

At the beginning of this year, I decided to try new things and this was one of them and I am really enjoying it. I started this with my pictures from the week and my Studio Calico kit. I laid my pictures out where I wanted them and started to pick cards that would work for me.

When I had my cards picked out, I moved everything aside and started working on my title card or wek card as I always call it lol. I pulled out my Perspextives and picked the one I wanted. I didn't just want my week on this card, I wanted something a bit more. So I picked the remember today perspextive and added it to my card, along with the week. I also used the cute little camera from the same set later in my spread.

Once I had finished my title card, I moved on to my next two pictures. I added a label and sticker to a picture of one of my pups, left one picture without anything added to it and moved to my bottom picture. I added a piece of a 3x4 card to it on the edge to add some color and finished it with a label and a chipboard sticker and then moved to the next side of my spread.

My top two cards/pictures really didn't need a lot, at least I didn't think they did. I left the one card as it was. and then moved to the picture of a bunch of new books I had been accumulating lol. I added a banner that matched on of my cards from the previous page and then another that I stamped on, it says I have no shelf control and yeah that works for me lol. I love books and I love to read but don't always have the time.

I moved down to my last four cards/pictures. One was of a new plant I bought and the other picture was of one of my daughters laughing at me. I used the other to spots with cards to add a little more decoration and my journaling, so I could look back on what these pictures meant to me and the things we were doing.

I added that circle with the star in the center of it to the top of my journaling card, you can find it in the shop here.

I decided to journal by hand this time, then moved on. I added the camera perspextive to the wavy rainbow card and moved to my daughters picture and added a little chipboard banner and called it done.


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