Document December Album

Our brand new Christmas designs are now ready to pre-order. We have also launched a Document December kit for the first time. Our wonderful guest Designer, Nikki Rowland has used the kit in her new December Album class. Nikki shares how she created her album with us...

Hi Bramble Fox Friends, Niki Rowland here today. I’m delighted to be back with Bramble fox Guest Designing today.

Every year I make a December Album and instead of following any prompts or a format devised by others, I do my own thing. I use a 6x8 sized album and I make a layout for each day in December from day 1 through to day 31. I always pre-make all my base pages. I find that this works really well for me. I tried making each layout as I went along but I found that I never completed my album. Making all the base pages in November has been my go-to formula for several years now and I always complete my album on New Years Day.

Bramble Fox are making this absolutely wonderful set of numbers perfect for a December Album. The set contains numbers 1-31 and there are a few other Perspextives in the set too: ‘December 2018’ title, the word ‘December’ and a snowflake. The whole set comes in a pretty bag (which may also end up in my album itself too) tied with some gold twine and a bonus Bramble Fox tag. I haven’t used the tag yet…I have plans to make a larger tag to hang outside my album and it will cluster with that.

I love that every number in the set is different. S