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Dog Gone Cute

Hello again Fox Friends!

I'm sharing a new layout this month using the 'Dog Gone Cute' Perspextive - and it is definitely really cute! I chose to have one in white to give myself the greatest choice of papers to use with it and I like how well it's defined against the bright yellow cardstock.

The design of this layout is inspired by our very own Morag who tied two tags together on a previous page and I have taken that idea but changed it to add some cross stitches that join a few tags here and there on my design.

I started by splashing some ink drops onto the yellow cardstock and trimmed it to fit onto the heart patterned paper. Once I'd mounted the photo on some white paper I added it to the background slightly off centre.

Then I chose some tags in different sizes and shapes which were colour coordinated with the photo and placed them around the photo. When I was happy with the placement, I glued them down.

I added a few paper embellishments over the tags for interest and a cute red 'Fav' Perspextive. The red stood out really well so I added a matching red heart too! Then I added some enamel dots to the thread holes in the tags.

I popped my journalling tag into place and then concentrated on doing the cross stitches. I like the texture that the thread added to the design, once again thanks to Morag for her idea!

Until next month, happy scrapping!

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