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Design Team 2022

We are thrilled to announce our Design Team for 2022. As you can see that our original team have all stayed on (which is the best news). Our team has expanded significantly because there were so many fantastic designers to choose from. Their mix of styles will ensure that there is plenty of variety every day.

The team includes even more YouTube artists so you'll find even more inspiring process videos on our channel. There will be daily blog posts too which you can have delivered straight to your in-box if you sign up for our newsletter.

To find out more about the team pop over to our Design Team page.

The new term starts on 1st March so be sure to follow us on Instagram (@BrambleFox), YouTube so you see all their lovely projects.

Join in the fun with us on Bramble Fox Friends on Facebook.

Bramble Fox Challenge Team

Check back in in a few days to find out who has made it onto our awesome Challenge team this year.

Thank you so much for everyone who took time to apply - seriously the decision process was so difficult!


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