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Summer days | by Caroline

Caroline today with my first blog post for Bramble Fox. The layout I have for you today will keep us a bit more in the summer mood. I don't know for you but in Canada it's starting to get colder, summer si really ending ! For this layout i use the Today and Here perspextive.

I really love this busy background, the black and white image are just perfect to add watercolours in them. This paper is quite thick so I didn't put any gesso. I start right away with my watercolours and a waterbrush, after I took a plastic paper and I "smooch" around the wet paint.

As you can see I didn't use that much paper on this LO, mostly die-cut, it's something a really like to do, it's give a more minimalist look to my page and I quite like it. Since my main focus is pretty small on this LO, those two smaller perspextive were just perfect.

I hope you enjoy this blog spot and see you in November !

xo Caroline

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