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Adding Pops Of Colour To Scrapbook Layouts By Rebecca Meadows

The new Bramble Fox shop products are an absolute delight for anyone seeking unique and charming additions to their crafting and paper collections. Bursting with creativity, colour and attention to detail, these products are bound to captivate crafters and add that much needed finishing off detail and definition to your layout. Adding a pop of colour to a layout has never been easier than with the fantastic embellishments exclusively designed by Morag for Bramble Fox.

Morag's artistic prowess shines through in every crafted piece, offering a kaleidoscope of vibrant hues and intricate etching. With Morag's designs, you can effortlessly add colour into your layouts and scrapbooks.

This layout includes lots of fussy cutting, I cut the scalloped background paper, the florals and the tag.

I love all of the colours as they match perfectly with the embellishments that I have chosen to use which are all currently available in the shop.

I added pom pom trim for additional texture.

Adding positive messages to a page is like infusing a piece of your heart into your project. These uplifting words become the soul of your creation, radiating optimism and encouragement.

The 'I'm Worth It' set is perfect for this.

Whether you're crafting a scrapbook, journal, or any other creative project, positive messages provide a powerful emotional connection. They can inspire, motivate, and uplift both you and anyone who views your work. Whether it's a simple quote, an affirming mantra, or a heartfelt message, these words serve as a reminder of the beauty of optimism and the power of positivity. With the recent addition of Wordfetti and the Summer Phrases to the Bramble Fox shop, you will be spoilt for choice. These etched journal pieces are available with various wording to suit a variety of occasions. The travel Wordfetti set are a must see and the cerise pink Wordfetti set that I have used for my layout add the perfect pop of colour!

Thank you for taking a look at my layout, I hope that I have inspired you to add colour and positivity to your layouts.

New shop products are HERE and please share layouts with Bramble Fox product in our Bramble Fox Friends Facebook group to give ideas to others.

Rebecca xx