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Hello again Fox friends, Giselle here with something a bit different today. Perspextives are versatile enough to be used for home decor so when I spotted this supersized 2019 I thought I'd use it to make a birthday calendar. I have seen similar calendars online, made from wood or paper, so I decided to create one for Bramble Fox.

I started with a piece of sturdy 12 x 12 white card as the base and added four pieces of coordinating paper to cover it completely. Then I backed the number 20 of the Perspextive to make it stand out from the patterned paper and glued it into place.

Then I cut 12 circles, which are just under an inch wide, to fit across the calendar and added the months using small alphabet stickers. I cut 12 lengths of embroidery cotton and added a bead to one end. I then glued my circles into place with the cotton held in place underneath them using double sided tape.

Then, using my Silhouette, I cut enough hearts for all the birthdays in our family and wrote the names and dates on them. Then I just glued the hearts, in date order, to the cotton underneath the relevant months.

This is now hanging in my kitchen and hopefully I won't forget anyone's birthday this year!

Until next month, happy scrapping everyone!

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